Tony Dinkins

Antonio “Tony” Dinkins is President/CEO of Unlimited Events & Marketing, Inc., a full service (unbundled) promotional and event marketing agency that is dedicated to providing professional turnkey solutions that are second to none. Based in Yonkers, New York, Tony’s company motto, which exudes throughout his entire U.S. operation, is “No borders. No boundaries.”

As an entrepreneur, Tony was inspired by John H. Johnson (1918-2005), an African American entrepreneur, who turned a five hundred dollar loan into a multimillion-dollar business empire and became one of the richest men in the United States. Prior to starting the company, Tony sold advertising space in the General Market for New York Daily News and in Ethnic Publications for Jet Magazine, Mentor Magazine, as well as in Outdoor Billboard Advertising for Suburban Outdoor Advertising. One of Johnson’s mottos was “Failure is a word I don’t accept” and so he headed the most prosperous and powerful African American publishing company with such titles as Ebony, Jet, Ebony Man, EM, and Ebony Jr., as part of his journalistic successes as well as founded Fashion Fair cosmetics. “After working for Mr. Johnson, I was empowered to start my company,” shares Dinkins. “I realized that I had the potential to be just like Mr. Johnson and saw myself in him. He truly paved the way for me and many others to go into a non-traditional field for African Americans and achieve success.”

Currently, Unlimited Events & Marketing Inc. focuses on Special Event Management and Marketing. Tony has developed tremendous resources and relationships, and as a result, he has earned the reputation for getting the job done. His "can do" attitude has opened doors to opportunities such as managing domestic and in-country programs for Fortune 500 companies and major brands targeting diverse international market segments. These segments include English, Spanish, French speaking Caribbean and Latin American communities as well as developing regions which target such emerging ethnic groups as Filipinos, Vietnamese, Chinese, African Nationals, Middle Eastern and South Asians. To date, Tony has executed over 2,000 event marketing programs and counting!

Tony has a BS in business and MS in Organizational Leadership from Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, New York. He is a member of Delta Mu Delta, International honor society in Business Administration, and a contributor to the Event Marketer Magazine. Like Johnson, Tony believes in giving back to the community and making a difference. His work in the community includes coaching the 2006/07 St. Paul's Athletic League’s 5th & 6th grade boys Championship Team and the 2008/09 Saint Paul’s CYO (West) 7th Grade Team in Rockland County, NY. Tony is also an active member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity’s XI Lambda Lambda Chapter in Rockland County, New York.